London 2040 - Pursuit 2

In the midst of the ocean of grey, the London skyline protruded to the stars, a grave of scintillating spires standing at the plateau of the world. Beneath them, the life of millions continued into the night. The city, after all, was the beating epicentre of a new digital era; each road, path and tunnel served as a vein for rapid technology.

London's air was always thick with pollution. Maintaining the Hive had required a vast amount of power, and with the demand of such convenience of a utopia, slowly, the old world of environmental activism faded to virtual colours of what could've been, and now unattainable goals.

For the few who did stay in the old world, there was always a hope that they would one day break society out of the Hive, even if it meant hiding in the shadows for the rest of their lives.