WIP rainy diner

Work In Progress / 16 October 2021

WIP. I wanted to do some shot of Selena looking out on a rainy night to an incoming threat. Used Blender and Photoshop.


General / 02 December 2020

Work in progress for a short story sequence I had been working on. Using again Jonathan Ching's Post-apocalyptic assets, Blender and Marvelous Designer for some clothing.

Waterloo Station - Making of

Making Of / 01 September 2020


Workflow consists of sketching of an idea on Photoshop -> compositing 3D scene in Blender -> Octane for lighting and texturing -> Final touch up in Photoshop.

Below are extra assets I created for the scene. 

London 2040 - Speedpaint/Octane Render

General / 07 July 2020


Did a few speedpaints for London 2040 to start off with, expanding on the world itself and more on how users could interact with Hivespace, and moved one over to Octane to start a paintover process. 

London 2040 - Octane WIPs

General / 21 February 2020

Exploring more with Octane and DAZ. Quick base renders for London 2040 which I will further.


London 2040 - Speedpaints

General / 26 September 2019

Trying out different compositions of a scene. Personal project 'London 2040'.

Unexpected Visit - WIP lunchtime speedpaint

Work In Progress / 27 August 2019

Based on my personal project 'London 2040'.  

London 2040 - Corridor WIP

Work In Progress / 26 August 2019

Work in progress of a piece I'm currently working on. Based in the universe of my original story 'London 2040 - The Hive'.

BOUNDLESS - Harvest Era Key Art WIP

General / 17 July 2019

Been working on this piece for the past few weeks, with feedback from the great team :)

London 2040 - Storyboard 1 WIP

Work In Progress / 10 July 2019

Playing around with comic panel like storyboards again for an idea I had of an intro. Very much inspired by Detroit: Become Human. Bless Quantic Dream.